Welcome to our website.

This page has the intention to inform those interested in our activities and program.

What is Outdoor Experience?

Outdoor Experience is an idea that was born and implemented through the involvement with mountaineering and the admiration for the Greek nature.

Our enthusiasm for exploration and our love for the mountain led us to break away from the established and create something special and unique.

Our company organizes one-day and multi-day excursions, events for hiking / mountaineering and nature-loving interest in well-known (and not only) destinations in Greece.

So why is Outdoor Experience different?

Simply put…
Our excursions include small groups (usually 10-14 people).
As a group of friends who enjoy our hobby and shares common experiences and moments.
Our transportation is not done by buses but with the privately owned 7-seater 4×4 of our company. And the reason is that we want to be able to visit places that are not easily accessible due to both the road nextork and the weather.
This also gives us the opportunity to make appropriate excursions all year round.
Further more, some of our excursions take place in unknown places,steering away from the mainstre (the “hidden diamonds” as our expedition manager calls them!)
Others are more tactical, including survival classes, extreme sports, camping and more.
And there are always pleasant surprises !!!

That’s it for now!!!

Stay tuned !!! The adventure has already begun !!!