Outdoor Experience

Outdoor Experience was created for adventure and exploration enthusiasts. For people looking for new experiences and unique destinations. For those who feel our primitive connection with nature and an irresistable attraction for it.

Unique destinations

The people of Outdoor Experience are constantly looking for new destinations and activities, in an effort to break away from the mainstream.


The 7-seater 4×4 which we will be using for our transportation, allow us to be flexible and to move safely in every terrain.


Mountain peaks, glacial lakes, 4×4 safaries, camping, rafting and much more are waiting for us!!!

You are our priority

The small groups of Outdoor Experience (10-14 people) give an anthropocentric character to our events. And this is something we have been striving for since the beginning. At the core of Outdoor Experience is the friendly and warm environment in order to bond and create amazing memories.


We are all valuable and your safety is paramount. At each event you will be accompanied by at least two Outdoor Experience escorts. This means that one attendant corresponds to a maximum of 6 participants. The small number of participants allows our guides to effectively monitor the group and the conditions of the surrounding area.

Creating memories